it’s strange the way our memory works, and how it could keep all the sensual-details saved inside, about those who meant something for us.. how they exactly look with every single physical feature about them.. what they wear.. how they smile.. how they look at you.. how they look like when happy / mad / worried or whatever.. how they invisibly tell what they feel without even talking.. or how they try to keep what’s inside their heads / hearts.. how they make us feel when they are present..

but the most strange thing about our memory is: how it attracts us unconsciously to whoever is similar to those people (our precious ones), whoever is like them in any of their very special details.. the details that means the whole world for us..

every time my mind tricks me, and after spending some time knowing those other-people, i tell my mind back that no one can be like them.. and that those are just copies or failure versions.


2 تعليقان to “Alike!”

  1. Dentographer Says:

    How would u know if its a copy or a failure version?
    u never know,this person might be a better version,cos remember,he didnt choose to have the similarity with ur significant others,and he (or she) lived in a completely diffrent life than your friend,which has its impacts on him,which may be positive,and ofcourse,might be negative.

    i tell you one thing though,yes,they will never be as valuable to you,as that person was.

  2. ablaj Says:

    i wrote a comment on this few times, but i don’t know what goes wrong here!

    D.G.. i totally agree with ur idea but not in the way u described it.. the only disagree is: any copy of someone would be a failure, because it’s just that everyone is the best one who can be what he is.. it’s not about who’s better or worse.. it’s just that ppl can’t succeed in other ppls’s shoes.. i hate human copies.. even if they don’t even know our ppl and they might not try to be anything like them but that’s the way my mind works

    we could – and we do it without intention sometimes – treat those ppl based on our own judgments we took from those we knew first.. & to be honest, i can’t help it

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